Global Trade Helpdesk Learning Corner

Welcome to the Global Trade Helpdesk learning corner. You will find here a range of dynamic training materials, including videos, downloadable presentations and practical exercise that will help you to take advantage of the data Global Trade Helpdesk provides. The content has been designed especially for Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (MSMEs). Enjoy learning!

Video tutorials

ITC Market Analysis Tools Promotional Video

The databases: Trade Map, Market Access Map aim to help users examine the export and import statistics of over 220 countries and territories to better understand supply and demand trends for around 5,300 internationally traded products. The tools are unique in product detail, as well as in breadth of geographic coverage – particularly for developing and least developed countries.

Export Potential Map

Awarded winner of 2018 German Design Award, Export Potential Map is an online tool to spot products, markets and suppliers with un- or underused export potential. It is based on ITC’s Export Potential and Diversification Assessment methodology that draws on trade, tariff, GDP, geographic and other data to evaluate countries’ potential to ramp up or diversify their exports.

Introduction to customs tariffs and Market Access Map

Market Access Map (MAcMap) covers customs tariffs (import duties) and other measures applied by 188 importing countries to products from 239 countries and territories. MFN and preferential applied import tariff rates are shown for products at the most detailed national tariff line level. Use it to find a tariff, compare yourself to your competitors or use its advanced features to prepare for trade negotiations by simulating the effects of tariff reductions.

Introduction to Non-Tariff Measures: Obstacles to Trade

This is an introductory video on Non-tariff measures (NTMs). It will explain what NTMs are, which effects they have in international trade, why they are applied and which international and regional initiatives deal with them. Additionally, ITC’s projects on NTMs are introduced.

Additional online courses

You can learn more about the main concepts of trade flow analysis together with dedicated tool to perform it (Trade Map) on ITC’s SME Trade Academy ( Focus is placed on the meaning and value of trade statistics and trade indicators, as well as, the ways of interpreting trade flow data to make better and informed business decisions.